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This classic arcade game offers a whole new experience. It uses the original cube mechanics to control the gameplay. You interact with the game through the turns and tilts of the cube. The ball is controlled using the accelerometer and gyroscope of the cube. This game is a block-breaking game. So, you have to deflect the ball into the rows of bricks, thereby destroying them and ultimately clearing the screen to go to the next level. While the main goal is to keep the ball in play, you must also consider the various bonuses and obstacles. For example, some blocks require only one “hit”, while others will need to be hit several times with a game ball to be destroyed. The levels contain various boosters, anti bonuses, and obstacles. Special Features: Bomb - destroys adjacent blocks Lightning - destroys blocks of the same color. Ruler - Temporarily increases the length of the blade or anti-ruler to reduce the paddle. Clock - Temporarily slow down the ball or anti-clock to speed up the ball. and many others. There are black holes, the number of which increases from level to level. If the ball falls into a black hole, it will be lost. A paddle is installed around the hole, which helps you to prevent the ball from falling and throws it back onto the playing field.






CubiOS Inc.



How to play

To play the game you should actively tilt the cube trying to put the paddle under the ball to throw it to break the blocks. Rotate the sides of the cube to bring more cubes to the field where the ball is or to move the hole to the different side of the cube. collect bonuses, avoid obstacles, and anti bonuses.