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Please meet Om Nom — a little green monster that adores candies! And not just candies, he adores fruits and we were told that he adores Pizza as well! Here is your chance to feed Om Nom with fruit pizza. All you need is just to cook the pizza - collect all ingredients, bake the pizza in the oven, and feed Om Nom. Control the game by rotating the faces of the WOWCube® system. The first level is the easiest of course. Once done, we can see the score and statistics on one of the sides. One turn - and we are on the next level. Now the task is a bit more complicated - we have two use more ingredients to cook pizza. The more difficult the level is - the more fruits you should collect.

How to play:

Your task is to match the pizza ingredients with the pizza. To do this you should rotate the faces of the cube. The ingredients will move to the rotation direction. After you collect all ingredients, you should cook the pizza by sending it to the oven. Just combine the pizza by turning the faces of the cube, the same as you've done with the fruits. And then, here is your chance to feed Om Nom! He will be happy! After you complete the level, you will see the score. Rotate the face of the cube and you will go to the next level.

But be careful, all is not just so easy.

One rotation takes one health unit from Om Nom. He has 50 in total. To increase the health unit's level you should feed Om Nom. When the health level is zero, the game ends.

When you make a move, new ingredients could appear. Be careful, when all empty spaces would be taken by the ingredients, the game would end.

To empty the game field, you may feed the Om Nom with extra ingredients even if it lows the health level.

Skills that the game develops: Logical thinking, spatial thinking, develop memory.

Beneficial features: Removes psychological stress, develops fine motor skills, improves the local memory, multiple spatial foci prevents the development of myopia.

Purpose of the game: The goal of the game is to feed Om Nom with fruit pizza. Your task is to match the pizza ingredients with the pizza, to cook the pizza in the oven and to feed Om Nom

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Ilya Osipov (Idea)

Sergey Nikitin (Graphics)

Aleksey Poshivalov (Code)





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Zepto Lab & Cubios Inc

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