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Ladybug needs you to traverse road pieces chaotically scattered all over the cube while eating those sweet sweet berries up ahead. But you can’t let it go astray along this dangerous way, as it can be hurt badly by many obstacles! Your goal is to ensure that Ladybug avoids bumping into the wall and eats all the available berry, so it can fly to another level – for more treats, of course. But beware! The game might be over way before that if an abrupt end of the road is reached. The original idea of this game was inspired by the classic game of Tetris, invented by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. In Tetris, blocks descend by themselves with constant speed that changes gradually upon game progress. Also, during the game at each given moment there are usually several good options how and where to fit each block – the same way there are usually several suitable positions to place different modules in front of the leaping Ladybug. As the player moves through the levels of the game, acceleration makes it an even more fun, challenging and exciting experience.






CubiOS Inc.



How to play

The Ladybug will eat anything that it walks over. It can move by itself with different speeds, but you need to draw the path in front of it, so that all the treats can be grabbed. To level up on the map, twist your cube to combine the road pieces into a connected pathway.