Steam Pipes

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Steam Pipes

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The first and the most recognizable game on the WOWCube® System - the Steam pipes. Tease your brain in solving the puzzle levels by closing the pipes to stop the steam. Once the pipe is open, the steam comes out. Your task is to assemble a closed pipeline from pipes of different shapes. Rotate the sides of the cube to combine the pipeline into a closed one. Your goal is to close the steam and to get a complete plumbing system without leaks. Once all steam leaks are closed the level is done. You can see the score and statistics on one of the sides. One turn - and you are on the next level. The more difficult the level is - the more complicated system you should assemble. Challenge yourself with this new and only-on-the-WOWCube® system puzzle. Turn on your spatial reasoning!






CubiOS Inc.



How to play

Find the steam leaks and close them with the pipe of a matching shape by rotating the sides of the cube. After you close the steam leaks you will see the score and statistic. Turn the cube side for the next level.