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How do you use it?
Using innovative technology, the WOWCube® system responds to twists, turns, tilts, shakes, and other gestures in order for you to operate the device and interact with apps. However, since apps take advantage of all 24 high resolution mini displays at the same time, engaging the apps will force you to think in three dimensions; you’ll have to hold the WOWCube® system away from you at times to see from a broader perspective, and then hold it closer to get a detailed perspective.
How does it work?
The WOWCube® system uses 24 high resolution mini displays on the surface of eight autonomous modules combined together in a way that enables them to be rotated by four in a layer around three mutually perpendicular axises. Despite the fact that every module of the WOWCube® system is autonomous, which is possible due to its revolutionary new operating system and a CPU discreetly embedded within each cube module, they are connected to each other sharing data. Multiple smart connectors in each module allow data to be transferred between the modules on the fly. This allows objects to literally step from one module to another.
Is it just for games?
With our software development kit and playstore, the possibilities are endless for what the WOWCube® system can become. When you are not using it, you can put it onto the charging dock where it becomes, among other things, a smart night lamp, or a digital weather station. You can connect it to your Smartphone via Bluetooth or put it near your PC. Then use each of the 24 screens to show any information you need like currency exchange rates, the weather in LA, or the time in London. It can also become an interactive digital aquarium in which you can feed your pet(s) by tapping the top. It can also become an element of decor, like a fireplace or a growing and sparkling Christmas tree. You can even link it to your Instagram account and use it to stream your photofeed.
Does it have any adverse effects on health?
Over the last decade, the growth in short-sightedness in people of all ages has been described as an epidemic. One potential cause for this is that people are spending a disproportionate amount of time on smartphones, which encourages the eye to become myopic to meet that environmental need. However, the WOWCube® system resolves this myopia issue because is specially designed to be viewed from different and dynamic perspectives, which is better for the eyes. The WOWCube® system requires motor coordination and dexterity skills and can help to bolster motor recovery in persons with neurological challenges like stroke and Alzheimer’s.
Is it for education?
Not only is it a smart and educational platform that promotes cognitive and motor-skill development and three-dimensional thinking, the WOWCube® system's web-based drag and drop programming interface will allow innovative and creative individuals learn and develop their own games and applications that they can then distribute through the WOWCube® system's playstore. WOWCube® system, the trademark of Cubios Inc., has officially been recognized as an educational device by “STEM.org” and has received its trustmark of authentication.
Operating System
The operating system allows each of the eight modules to act independently, but it also allows them to interact with each other and share data. Moreover, the operating system can scale up to handle as many cubes as necessary and in any desired configuration. Whether the device is a 2-by-2 or 3-by-3 cube, or even if it looks like a snake, the operating system will be able to manage and control how the cubes in the device interact, making it a powerful platform for all sorts of potential devices.

Вопросы и ответы

What is the WOWCube® system?
On the surface, the WOWCube® system looks like simply a 2x2 cube puzzle. However, when the 24 mini displays activate, it signals the start of a new and amazing experience with a smart and educational device that uses classically inspired gaming mechanics with innovative technology to create a revolutionary platform for gaming and beyond.
What games does it come with?
The WOWCube® system comes preloaded with several games including Pipes, Scrabble, Space, Puzzle, and Maze. More games can be loaded onto the device through the WOWCube® system playstore mobile app and via Bluetooth connection.
How do you plan to have more games?
How do you plan to have more games? We have developed an SDK for those who are interested in joining our developer’s community. We’ve built an open API and software emulator to allow independent developers to make their own apps for the WOWCube® system and upload them to our store, which is already available for both iOS and Android, to sell or distribute for free. More about SDK
How can I download games?
You can upload new games and apps from the WOWCube® system's Playstore via Bluetooth from your smartphone. The WOWCube® system's applications would be available at the Playstore on Android or iOS platforms.
Do you have patents?
Our technology has several patents in different countries around the globe.
Who invented the WOWCube® system?
Savva Osipov, together with his father Ilya Osipov, invented the WOWCube® system in 2017. While discussing the concept of, and the pros and cons of other products, Savva imagined seeing little characters running across screens to escape a labyrinth. By switching screens through twists and turns in real time, the character would be able to navigate the maze to find an exit. This gave birth to the revolutionary idea of several mini displays working together to create a singular experience. The fact that the surface of the object was a cube puzzle added elements of multidimensionality, perspective, and physical control rarely seen in games today.
What was the hardest part of WOWCube® system’s development?
he most difficult part was the topology of the device. Not only did it need to rotate mechanically as a cube puzzle, but introducing the mechanical control introduced a host of problems that needed to be solved. How do you place microprocessors inside the device? How do you make the parts understand their current relative position? How do you transfer data and synchronize operations? How do you make the environment work as a single device while distributing computation tasks? In the end, we were able to fit 8 processors into the device. All this required an unusual approach. It was necessary to create mapping matrices of the faces of different screens and to ensure their re-calculation after any rotation by the user. We first tested the concept on a game from our childhood called Digger. When the Digger began to successfully run from screen to screen, we realized that the concept would work and everything would be feasible. There was also a very important question of how to make reliable connections between the parts of the device. Inspired by Apple’s MagSafe, Ilya Osipov designed magnetic connection with self-orientating magnetic contacts which, unlike MagSafe, didn't have male and female connections. The result turned out to be unisex in that it allowed him to connect any part inside the cube evenly and perfectly, no matter how the cube is rotated. Ilya Osipov is known as a founder and When Semyon Orlov joined the project as chief engineer, he applied Ilya’s ideas and gave these conceptual models a practical implementation to build the first acceptable prototype.
Who is Ilya Osipov?
Ilya Osipov is a Russian-American computer scientist, entrepreneur, and inventor. Ilya Osipov is known as a founder and owner of one of the largest websites in Russian, NN.RU, which he later sold to the Hearst Corporation. He was also the co-founder, investor, mentor, and manager of a number of startup projects such as Numbuster, FedSP.com, etc. Since he was a student, Ilya was fond of coding and in 1996 even won the All-Russian Olympiad in Informatics. Ilya graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State University, and has a Master of Science degree. He is an author of 18 scientific publications and has been awarded four patents. He was nominated for the World Technology Award in IT Hardware for the WOWCube® system in 2018 and became one of the finalists of world-renowned Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition in 2018 for his Auzzle A2 puzzle. Ilya relocated with his family to the USA in 2013. He lives in Novato, California with his wife and two children. In 2017, Ilya together with his son Savva invented the WOWCube® system platform and founded Cubios Inc. to develop his invention.
Where is the WOWCube® system manufactured?
The WOWCube® system is proudly designed and developed in both the United States and Europe, and it is assembled in Asia.
Will it come with a warranty?
When it is released, the WOWCube® system will be protected with an industry-standard warranty. If the device becomes damaged during the warranty, the defective module(s) can be repaired or replaced as needed. We will also continue to provide service for your WOWCube® system after the warranty period for a to-be-determined fee. Please keep in mind that since each of the eight modules is autonomous, repairing the device may be as easy as repairing or replacing a single defective module.
What games are available?
Our team has already designed many different games like Butterflies, Steam Pipes, Pong, Hyper Space, and 2048. These games represent different genres like arcade, maze, puzzle, word, and classical educational games. You can find out more information about these games and others we have in development on our playstore website.
Where is the company based?
While our team members are all over the world, our headquarters is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
If I had a question, or wanted to get involved with the WOWCube® system, how could I contact you?
Please leave your contact information and a short message on our website under the Keep in touch form at the bottom of this page. We will happily provide you all the information you need.